The Race Track Chaplaincy program began when a born-again racetracker, Salty Roberts, saw the need for Jesus Christ in the lives of the people he worked with.

In 1969 he contacted Rev. A. D. "Al" Dawson with his desire to start a mission for the backsiders. Rev. Dawson soon became the Chaplain for the racetrack at Gulfstream and began having services during the racing season.

Other racetracks followed.
  • The RTCA was organized in 1971, with its first Board of Directors. They became incorporated in 1972.

  • The first full-time paid racetrack Chaplain was called and placed at Calder Race Track on September 1, 1972. Two months later full-time chaplains where hired for Hialeah and at Gulfstream as well.

  • Today RTCA has 60 Chaplains, who serve in 52 separate divisions at over 100 tracks and training/breeding centers throughout North America.

  • The Race Track Chaplaincy of America is the primary vessel through which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared with the horse racing industry.

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