RTCA Regional Director Representative

Amy Bondon Peltz

Graduated from Skidmore College in 1979 with a Degree in Biochemistry.

       I have been in the thoroughbred industry for 30 years now, and have worked at about every aspect of it imaginable; breeding, foaling, sales prep, racing and pin hooking, and been blessed with considerable success in every avenue I pursued.

       Nothing compares to the joy I have encountered in working with the RTCA, as I have been blessed with doing since 2002, I believe. My racing stable was based at Churchill in 2003 and the Lord blessed me with tremendous success in both my sales and racing endeavors, and a desire to give something back led me to a meeting with my dear brother Chaplain Ken Boehm.

      From then on, with all the wonderful people, especially the chaplains, I was blessed with dealing with at the many tracks I ran at and ministries the horses supported...it has been a remarkable journey. My first and foremost mission is to do whatever I can to uphold and enhance the remarkable men and women that make up this unique ministry. I consider myself blessed beyond my wildest dreams that I have been given this opportunity by our awesome Savior, to be a part of such a great ministry and get to work with chaplains, the boards and the flock they tend, at so many of the tracks and also in the Ocala Farm Ministry, which is my home base.

    Acting now, almost exclusively, as an agent on the behalf of other's racing and investment interests, I am fortunate to cover a very large territory for the Lord, at the sales, the tracks and at the farms as well.