Global Day Of Prayer 2008

RTCA Prayer Team praying with a Chaplain during Global Day of Prayer
(Photo by Dr. Torres from left to right- Rev Ed Donnally, Rev Edward Smith & RTCA President, Chaplain Waverly Parsons)


"RTCA National Office Global Day of Prayer"

By- Rev. Edward Smith, RTCA Director of Evangelism and Missions

Before the day was through RTCA family came together to pray together, some to fast together, chaplains and council members took prayer walks in the morning and some in the evening. Prayer Warriors lifted up the RTCA prayer requests to God over a 24-hour period. As the team was fond of saying: “We started calling people in different countries as we chased the rising and setting sun all over the world in the name of the SON!”

Joined by Rev Ed Donnally at the RTCA home office at Hollywood Park the Global Prayer team began calling out again from 830am Pacific Time to 530pm Pacific Time. Calling out, reaching and praying with nearly 70 people, chaplains from all seven RTCA regions across the USA as well as Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Kenya.

The prayer team not only gave the devotion and went over the general prayer requests but also wanted to know about specific things they could pray over with the people they reached. It was a powerful time of prayer and fellowship that was spent not only with many chaplains but with wives of chaplains, council members and the team even dropped in on some council meetings that were being held for the Global Day of Prayer.

Chaplains and council presidents called back later and shared tremendous testimonies of how powerful the RTCA Global Day of Prayer was for them. Chaplain Ken Boehm, the Chaplain at Churchill Downs (and the Chaplains Representative for the RTCA Executive Council) was the last call of the day. We called Chaplain Ken and went over the devotion and then prayed with him. He told us that his council members and other Kentucky Council Chaplains had been praying throughout the day. He told us that he would be gathering at 630 pm for a prayer walk with several of his council members.

Later that evening Edward Smith received a phone call from Chaplain Ken. Chaplain Ken was so excited and wanted to share the results of his prayer walk along with six members of his council. He talked about the presence of God and the Holy Spirit as they walked the chapel and then the backstretch. Even praying with a group of backstretch workers who were enjoying a outdoor grill. He went on to talk about walking to the stall where Eight Belles had been and praying for all those who loved and worked with Eight Belles and that they would be comforted from all the pain and sadness that arose from the accident.

What a powerful way to end the Global Day of Prayer as the sun had just slid by Kentucky and was beginning its descent into the Pacific waters off the California coast. It was awesome to know that RTCA prayer warriors had been praying for 24 hours, that councils had gathered to share in the devotions, that chaplains and council members took prayer walks together on the race tracks and that we had eight countries participate with the RTCA.

We praise God for lives and councils impacted by the Global Day of Prayer and look forward to the continuing work of the chaplains on the racetracks of the United States and the world in leading thousands of workers to the Lord!

Blessings and thank you for praying with us!