The Race Track Chaplaincy of America Inc. seeks to bring the Word of God and His teachings to the people of the horse racing industry in order to bring those people to God.

The RTCA is a national organization of Chaplains from several denominations that serve the men, women, and children of the horse racing industry. The Chaplains, the Board of Directors, and the Local Councils all share a love for the Lord Jesus Christ and share in His love for the people of this industry. As a Christian ministry we strive to enrich the lives of these people we love through the effectiveness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and through many social services.

Today, there are 35 RTCA chaplains serving more than 65 racetracks across America.

"And Jesus said to
them, 'Go into all the World and preach the Gospel to every creature.'

Mark 16:15, NKJV"
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