Dr. Torres Message

RTCA-Executive Director
Dr. Enrique Torres


The Joy of Growings

This year marks the 35th anniversary of The Race Track Chaplaincy of America. This organization was born from a vision that was given by God to Salty Roberts, a new believer in the Lord at the time. As a result of this experience with the Lord, he was over flowing with joy that his life has been changed by the power of God and that he was competently free of the bondage of alcohol and drugs.

The Lord used this conversion experience in his life to motivate him to care for all the basic needs of the people at the racetrack, particularly their spiritual needs. This vision burned in his soul. He dreamed of all his friends at the racetrack having the same experience with the Lord that he had had.

Salty Roberts came to the racetrack with the purpose of becoming a great jockey. However, with an excessive chemical dependency, his dream was frustrated.

He became a parking-lot attendant and execise rider at Gulfstream horse racetrack in Florida. Salty was an uncomplicated and humble man with a divine vision. But he had neither the knowledge nor the skills to organize this movement to help everyone at the racetrack. Neither did he know how he could reach out to establish this movement among all the racetracks of the USA and around the World (which was the content of the message that he received from God). Then the Lord put Rev. Albert D. Dawson, (a very wise and capable Baptist leader), and Mrs. Tanna Dawson, (a very committed Christian and tireless lay-leader) in his path and he immediately requested help from them in order to establish this endeavor. They started working together, and held the first religious service on January 22, 1970 at Gulfstream racetrack in Florida. After the meet was over at Gulfstream, Salty moved to New Jersey with the intention of reaching more people at the Monmouth and Atlanta City racetracks. After a couple years of activities they were established in Hialeah, Tampa and the New Jersey horse racetracks.

The vision the Lord gave to Salty was clearly written by Rev. Albert D. Dawson and other leaders, in such a way that everyone might understand God’s purpose for this new organization. On April 14, 1972 RTCA was officially incorporated in the State of Florida. On that day our founding fathers Rev. Albert D. Dawson and Salty Roberts began a work that has benefited countless thousands at horse racetracks throughout the US and now the world.

As with every new organization they experienced the normal pain of birth. The 2007 RTCA would like to recognize with deep appreciation those dedicated leaders who, from the very beginning and throughout the 35 years of the organizational life of RTCA, have been committed to serving the Lord under the umbrella of RTCA - for the service and betterment of this organization and the people at the racetracks of USA and the World.

By the grace of God, today, 35 years later, RTCA is a thriving organization, with a sound Board of Directors numbering 120 members. RTCA is well recognized and respected in every segment of the horse industry and serves in more than a 100 racetracks in the USA, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Argentina, Chile and England. Furthermore, plans are in the works for RTCA to established chaplaincies in New Zealand, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Ireland, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, France and Spain, in the very near future.

In addition, the Lord has provided RTCA with a national headquarters at Hollywood Park, California. Our professional staff includes the Executive Director, Director of Development, Business Manager, Administrative Assistant and regional directors. Our publications have been printed in many magazines and recognized for excellence. Recently we have established a well-recognized award for the people in the horse industry, entitled the White Horse Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize people in the horse racing industry that have performed a heroic act on behalf of other people or horses.

To God is the Glory. He has done great things during these 35 years of serving Him through the people of the race industry!