RTCA Council Visits


Will Rodgers Council

On Nov 11 Dr. Torres and I drove to Remington Park to visit chaplains and the council from Remington Park including a ceremony with the brand new Will Rodgers council as featured in the photo.



It was a wonderful day as we had a luncheon with Remington Park Senior Chaplain Eston Leonard and new Remington Park Chaplain Carl Crisswell who had previously served at Will Rodgers and Assistant Dan Reed.. Later that evening we were joined by council members from Remington Park and the newly formed Will Rodgers Council. We enjoyed a great time of fellowship and a beautiful dinner served in the suite.


We had a ceremony following dinner where we had a devotion that challenged the new council to their awesome duties and responsibilities as council members. We had prayer and scripture readings and in the photo you see the council president signing the council charter agreement being witnessed by Dr. Torres.
We closed a great evening in a circle of prayer. Wonder things continue to unfold in Oklahoma and we are proud to present Will Rodgers as the newest member of the RTCA family!