Bible Devotion

Racing in Grace

By: RTCA President, Edward Smith

“No matter how much sin increased - grace was always greater…” (Romans 5:20)

I was reflecting on grace, the wonderment that God loved me so much that He relentlessly chased me in love.

As President of the RTCA I have been to more race tracks and seen more horse races in the last two years that I thought I would experience in a lifetime.

I learned certain truths about the race horse world, there is always a track, a race, a bet, a finish line, one winner and a whole bunch of losers.

For most races, the chase for victory is over in a minute and 30 seconds or so. All the training, preparing, feeding, pampering, testing, grooming and investing are over between man and horse in less than two minutes. At the end of the race, One horse and One rider stands triumphant in the Winners Circle with a victorious team of owners and trainers while many other horses and jockeys walk slowly back to the barns covered in the mud, dirt and sweat of defeat.

I thought about the biblical applications I had been observing. What if God said- “The Plan of Salvation is for the Ultimate and perfect Winner only. All of mankind will participate in the Heaven’s Gate Cup Race. They will race and race eliminating all the competition, until only One Undefeated Jockey can enter Heaven, while the rest of mankind are eternal losers.”

That would be a catastrophe on an un-imaginable scale for mankind. But, it did happen. A perfect rider did come along and without a blemish could have claimed the Cup and entered Heaven of His own victory claim, and under the rule or law of God left mankind behind.

God had another plan. I thought of it in racing terms. It was God’s race for us called Grace- “GOD’S RACE.” His salvation plan included the sacrifice of His Perfect Son- Christ. And the blood of Christ paid for our entry fee that we could not purchase, and His resurrection paved the way for us to reach God in Heaven. Just look at the power of GRACE.

• God bestowed His glorious grace on us in His son (Ephesians 1:6)
• The Grace of God appeared for the salvation of all. (Titus 2:11)
• Grace is received in abundance. (Romans 5:17)
• Grace is given to us in Christ. (1 Corinthians 1:4)
• Grace is a store to which we have access through Christ. (Romans 5:2)
• The Grace of God is the means on which men and women are made righteous. (Romans 3:24)
• The Christian is under Grace not the Law. ( Romans 6:14)
• Grace is a state or condition in which we stand. (Romans 5:2) and to the point of race versus works.
• Grace stand in opposition to works, which lack the power to save; if works had the power, the reality of Grace would be annulated as Ephesians2:5 states - “By Grace are you Saved”

I thank God for His Salvation Plan for me, a race run in grace - not by my strength or works- rather by accepting the Sacrifice and Grace of our living Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray for our chaplains and those that work alongside our chaplains as they represent Christ in the Racetracks and Farms and present the Gospel of Grace.