White Horse Festival International Vision

Monthly Article

Just a “Spiritual Think About It!”
By-Rev. Edward Smith
Director of Evangelism and Missions

Big Brown entered the starting gate as the overwhelming favorite to win Belmont and complete his triumphal sweep of the historic and elusive Triple Crown. Big Brown came into Belmont undefeated, confident and seemingly in control of the racing world-to all intents and purposes he seemed invincible. Based on the way Big Brown crushed his opponents many thought his race at Belmont was not much More than his victory parade.

Then the world that cheered him on Grew hushed as Big Brown pulled up and then the crowd began to boo at the would be triple crown champion. Over the next few days the heralded horse and Jockey would be reviled, chastised, ridiculed and mocked by the very people who had placed them at the top of the pedestal. Angry for many reasons, Big Brown failed to deliver a historic triple crown, the jockey ran a terrible race, they lost money-whatever the reason and whatever the truth, people were angry.

How similar to the day that Christ rode into Jerusalem on a colt. The city turned out to greet their local hero. They paved his path with palms, they called out his name proudly. Their prophet would deliver the city and nation out of the grip of the Roman Empire. This was the healer, the teacher, the man, the general of the uprising just waiting to spring forward in his name.

And yet in just a short time they would jeer him, mock him, beat him, spit on him, ignore him, belittle him, whip him, deny him, abandon him, nail him to a cross, laugh at this “king of the Jews, play dice for his clothes and drive a spear into his side. This local boy had “failed” them. He did not call for the sword to rise against the Romans. He had not delivered their kingdom on earth. And many did not believe that he rose from the dead, delivering victory over death and overcoming the world.

Big Brown won 2/3’s of the requirements of the Triple Crown and though he won two legs very impressively, he fell short of the goal of being a triple crown winner. And here is “Just a Spiritual thought”-living 2/3’s of your life being “good” and doing“good works” will still leave you short of the goal of winning the ultimate race of life. Let’s be thankful Christ ran the ultimate race and won the race and under his grace all who come to him will not perish but have everlasting life!