White Horse Festival International Vision

Monthly Article

"Praise the Lord!”
By-Rev. Edward Smith
Director of Evangelism and Missions

I have had so many people email me about the things they are "seeing" in this photo besides the beautiful photo recording the baptism of RTCA's own- Robyn Harris at the ALPHA graduation ceremony see if you can spot them.

They are a halo and the mark of a cross. Is this a co-incedence or a God-incedence? The world likes the say that God no longer does miracles in this day and age and that they wish God would send signs. Well...I think...no...I believe that God is still very much in the miracle and signs business!

I just experienced a miracle personally. I had come home from a road trip of 500 miles that took me roundtrip from the Dallas area to the Houston area to meet up with Rev. Ed Donnally and talk with the Foursquare leader for South America who was attending the Foursquare Conference in Houston.

On returning home I went to bed feeling like my eye was hurting. The next morning I woke up with both eyes firecracker red and hurting.

The examination at the eye doctor revealed that an aggressive form of air-borne bacteria had gotten in my eyes and during the night had slid into the back of each eye- in essence forming ulcer pockets and spewing bacteria all over my eyes. The doctor told me I should have lost site in one eye and probably lost the other one as well, another hour of it being untreated and I would have lost the eyes for sure. It was a touchy few days with medicine and constant office visits- but God spared my eyes!

Praise the Lord! I am thankful that God had my back and even provided a miracle during the night as He watched over me and healed me.

Many of you have seen signs from God and received miracles from God. If you would like to share them, please email the stories to me at jethunter@aol.com

Over 5,000 workers have attended our evangelism events since August of 2007. A thousand have given their lives to follow the Lord as believers and nearly 400 have graduated from our bible study "ALPHA" program and become disciples of Christ!

They are receiving the Grace of Christ- who went to the cross to pay for our sins and then God gave us the "miracle" of Christ raising from the dead to complete his mission of salvation and reconciliation!

So- Praise the Lord! And thank Him for all He does in our lives and on the racetracks and farms and let me hear from you about miracles and signs!

Edward Smith
Director of Evangelism and Missions